Parenting Mantra: Remember to Play & Two Free Printable

Where ever I look, be it friends, books, magazines, websites, or blogs, I’m bombarded with an overload of information about what I should be doing to make my kids’ smarter, brighter and stronger. And that is all well, because isn’t that what we all want for our children? I am, however, stumped by the amount of importance we’re placing on what we as parents can do to jettison our kids’ into the future. We’re focussing a lot of energy into the future and in the process, we’re missing out on the present. Or rather, we’re making them miss out on their present work, which primarily is, to play.

We feel pressuressed by all the talk we encounter on countless platforms about the importance of starting early in life…music lessons, swimming lessons, dance lessons…they’re so many options out there and we’re afraid if we don’t try hard enough, they might miss out on their genius. We feel guilty that we’re not doing more. Worried that it’s not enough. And so we end up over-complicating things by trying to tackle too much at once; by trying to push our children into growing up sooner than they are ready to grow up. We’re concerning ourselves too much with what next, instead of being in the present and allowing our children to be children.

There’s no perfect sequence of things we should be doing today in order to grow a successful, happy, extraordianary individual tomorrow. Sooner than later, we all learn how to go potty in the potty seat, we all learn to eat with the spoon, and we all understand it’s not polite to climb up the dining table. Let’s not rush them. Let’s not weigh them down with disciplines and responsibilities. Let’s not make work out of play. Let’s not try to make little people out of them. But instead, let’s be little children with them. This moment is here, and it is absolutely enough. Let’s fill our childrens’ lives with less work, more play.

On that note, I give you two free printable that’ll remind you to play.

workplayprintable wildprintable

You can download them Here & Here.

 October 5th, 2015  
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Raising Creativity

I’ve been thinking about creativity and watching my own creation process, hoping to comprehend how is it that some minds grow into a full fleged imagination circuses. Are some folks naturally gifted with this superpower, while the others have some or none of it? You would think yes.

But when I look at children (my own and of others) I find that every child’s mind is an imaginarium, full of engaging out of this world concepts and things. Why is it then that a lot of us grow up to be non-creative people? Does it just happen on its own? Does the brain decide to grow this side or that?

I think we, well intentionally, educate our kids out of creativity. Most of the times, we don’t even realize it. Like most parents, I try to inspire and incline my kids towards creativity. Art time at the kitchen counter as I prepare lunch is a ritual. The other day, L sat doodling in her paper; I was trying to loosen and flip a somewhat disagreeable crepe. She told me she was drawing a pink polar bear that was eating yellow blueberries. And mindlessly enough, I replied, but aren’t blueberries are blue. No sooner than the sentence flew out of my mouth, I realized my folly. So, I looked at her and said, but if you want your blueberries to be yellow then sure let’s have some yellow blueberries. She gave me the biggest smile.

Do you see what I mean by well intentionally educating our kids out of creativity? We try to steer and guide them into the light. We give everything a form, a concreteness, a sort of order. We try to open their eyes to this world, we try to help them understand everything. The sky is blue. The grass is green. Stars are giant balls of fire. In doing so though, we take away the wonderment. We close the mind’s eye, we force imagination into narrow passages. The more you know, the less is left to the imagination, right?

I guess what we need to do is to find a balance. Between the concrete and the abstract. In order to let creativity take roots and grow, we need to challenge imaginative thinking in our kids. We need more purple monkeys and pink oranges. We need to let them play God on paper, to begin with nothing, and create a world of their fancy. More importantly, we need to enjoy this world with them.

 July 13th, 2015  
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Pre-school Curriculum/Lesson Plan

A short blog break that turned into a very long blog break.

I’ve been extremely busy with mommy duties lately. The kidlets are getting bigger. And in parenting world, that doesn’t mean it is getting any easier. It’s the next level, new dragons to slay, new plains to conquer. One of the things that I was struggling with was how to incorporate learning in a structured way so they would have the time to grasp concepts. Planning, planning, planning. That’s the answer. So, I came up with this pre-school curriculum.


We tackle one subject a week – read about it, learn songs about it, make artwork of it etc. And I’ve to say, sticking with a subject for a whole week, makes it stick in their head. And having a plan like this takes the mental stress out.

You’re free to download it here.

 June 8th, 2015  
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Happy Holi


Today is Holi, the festival of color celebrated in India and Nepal. It is a celebration of spring and all the happy vibrant hues that it brings. The streets, the people and the air in India is exploding with color, laughter and noise. Oh how I wish I could take part in it.

Here’s a printable poster to bring a little bit of that happy to your home.

holi printable


You can download it here. 




Shared Room for Kids

I don’t think we planned to co-sleep with our twins. But somehow, that’s what we ended up doing. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of them sleeping alone in their crib, alone in a room, while I sought the warmth and comfort of my partner in bed. I’m not suggesting what we did was a mightier way. When it comes to parenting, I believe you do what works for you, and what you are comfortable with.

Two and a half years out, the kidlets are ready to move into a room of their own. We’ve decided we’re going to get them to share a room. I’ve been looking around for inspiration, colors, objects, it all, and building an inspiration board for their room. Finally, I have it planned, well more or less.


1. White Wood Celling Lamp  2. Stacked Shelving System  3. Bedding  4. Howl Print  5. Half Moon Wallpaper  6. Rafa Kids A-teen Bed  7. C’est Nous  8. Elephant and Cloud Pillow  9. Overcast Shelf  10. Be Brave Print  11. Bears  12. Factory Side Table  13. Circles and Triangles  14. Adventure Forest  15. Pillows  16. Perch Chair  17. Batman Storage Bin  18. Dip Dyed Stool  19. Pink Kilim Rug

It’s not overly feminine or masculine. It feels fresh, easy and happy to me. This I guess is the easy part. The difficult part, I’m sure, will be to get them to start sleeping in a room of their own. Fingers crossed.



Dark florals and a printable Thank You note card

When it comes to florals, I love the drama and moodiness of dark florals. It has always been a fall trend and not something to spring forward with. And sure with spring here, all light and bright, it is time lose the somber note on things. But I find dark florals so romantic, indulgent and engaging.


This Ellie Cashman wallpaper for instance. Or, this Dior Coat from Spring 2015 Couture collection,


And of course, these,


I guess with white being the color of the winter last past, I’m finding it difficult to not gravitate towards a more somber spring. Perhaps, I need to get out and about and let the sun shine down some lightness in my feet. For now though,


Download Merci notecard here.




Desktop Wallpaper




I’ve always had a weird relationship with the color pink. There have been times in my life that I was all for the color pink, and then times when I couldn’t tolerate it. Lately, I’ve learned to appreciate the color without swinging to the extremes.

I don’t think I like it on my person, but pops of pink, pastel or bright, on things and at home, makes me happy. Like the first wallpaper. It’s such a happy wash of pink, don’t you agree?

You can get them here (Download Love Wallpaper, Download Pink Dots Wallpaper).


 February 8th, 2015  
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 February 6th, 2015  
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For The Love Printable Pennant

For The Love

Time for sharing some more love. Here’s a pennant I made today. These words have been bouncing around my mind lately. Decisions!

Anyway, you can just use the ‘For Love’  bit if you like.


The letters have a tonal watercolor wash to them. I used paperclips to hang them. That way I can stow them  away or move them easily.


You can download the pennant here.



 February 4th, 2015  
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DIY Gift Wrapping Paper

DIY gift wrap

Here’s a super quick and easy gift wrapping paper you can make. It has the made using a stamp look, but every circle is slightly different. And the best part is, it is a lot easier to make than carving out a stamp and grid working your way through the paper.

Here’s what I used:

DIY Gift Wrap

Take a bubble wrap. Pop a few bubbles (never stops being fun!). Drip some craft paint on it. Spread it lightly with a brush. Don’t try to cover the entire area evenly. Variations in tone makes it more interesting. Lay the paint side down on your paper, press down lightly, and carefully lift it off. Let the paper dry.

And done.



 February 3rd, 2015  
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